Tuesday, March 24, 2009

This isn't a conservative or liberal thing

A revolution is brewing as American patriots and free-market advocates unite in protest against out-of-control government spending – with a wildfire movement of more than 170 nationwide tea parties.

'Bailing out' reckless businesses and individuals is neither the burden of responsible, hard-working American taxpayers nor the role of government. The Congressional Budget Office and countless economists say that the recent 'stimulus' packages will likely hinder, not help, our economy. Tax cuts, not tax hikes and handouts, are the quickest, most efficient means of getting our economy back on track.

Legislators must listen to citizens who are tired of irresponsible policies so the nation can recover. It is time politicians heed the will of the American people and the clear signals coming from the financial sector: stop the excessive spending, cut taxes, and get out of the way. Only then will we unleash the resilient, entrepreneurial spirit of Americans that has made our nation great and which will propel us through this rough patch to more prosperous times ahead.

This isn't a conservative or liberal thing. This is about government forking over billions of dollars, our money, to businesses that should have failed. This is about taking money from responsible people and handing it over to CEOs who squandered their own.

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