Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Reasons Why Government Can't Run Health Care

No. 1: Government Can't Be Trusted With a Credit Card

Government this year is spending $31,000 per household and taking in $17,000 in taxes per household. We are borrowing $13,500 per household this year.

"Are you crazy?, wasting our money, people are hurting, cut your spending".

No. 2: Government Can't Even Give Away Money Effectively.

Look at cash-for-clunkers and how the government wizards who set up cash-for-clunkers budgeted to sell 250,000 cars over 3 months. The program sold that many in 4 days, and air traffic controllers had to be brought in to help with administration.

Politicians' priorities are to give free goodies to their constituents. So as far as they're concerned, cash-for-clunkers has been a resounding success.

Forget the fact that they're spending money they don't have, or that car dealerships are left holding millions of dollars in empty government promises. Politicians are not concerned with the long-term, just the next election. This has worked as well as the 12% of stimulus spent thus far.

No. 3: Government Would Rather Pay Crooks Than Manage Efficiently.

Government is cutting funding to programs that save money, like home health care after hospitalization; yet persists in ignoring fraud of $80 billion to $120 billion each year in the current Medicare and Medicaid programs.

If ever there was a reason not to turn our entire health care system over to government it is this: Government can't run the health care programs it already has. It would rather ration compassionate, effective programs than do the hard work of rooting out and punishing the crooks who are stealing our taxpayer dollars.

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