Thursday, November 5, 2009

House call for Rep. Bart Stupak in Petoskey MI 11-5-09

30 taxpayers made a house call to the Petoskey Michigan office
of Rep. Bart Stupak at noon today. We shared with the Congressman's
staff our disagreement with Bart's support for the Pelosi Healthcare bill.

We don't want government controlled healthcare and we can't afford the
over 1 trillion dollar expense. With government bankrupting Social Security,
Medicare, Medicaid, and the Postal Service, our elected officials have
proven themselves as incompetent, and with "this game" on the
line, we surely have the right to expect touchdowns, not fumbles for our tax dollars.

Additionally, many called Bart out as a smooth doublespeaker and deceiver;
after he was recently caught at a local townhall meeting trying to have it both
ways on health care reform and abortion. This was publicized on
and FoxNews here.

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