Friday, November 6, 2009

What can you do to defeat the healthcare bill ?

Here’s where we stand as the sun rises this morning on the healthcare vote.

Democrats are still short votes by double digits.

Four Democrats from Virginia are “No” votes because of Tuesday night’s election with the wins by the GOP Governors in VA and NJ.

The American Medical Association is in deep trouble. The AMA endorsed the House bill. The state societies claim that they have the votes to win a resolution at the AMA conference, which begins tomorrow in Houston, forcing the AMA to rescind its endorsement if it doesn’t do so before the AMA meets. Obama and his aides are quick to say the American Medical Association endorses their plan, but they fail to note that the AMA represents only a fraction of American doctors.

The fate of the Stupak amendment is still up in the air, which bars any federally subsidized insurance plan from covering abortions, including any public plan set up to compete with private insurers. Pelosi is arm twisting the 40 strong Stupak pro-life dem's, by pushing the phony Ellsworth amendment. This amendment is designed to subsidize and expand the abortion industry cloaked in deceptive language, with instead of a Health and Human Services employee issuing checks for elective abortions, HHS will pay a contractor to issue checks for abortion on demand. They want to call it something else, but no matter what they call it, a federal agency paying for abortions -- that's federal funding of abortion, no matter what you call it.

Blue Dogs had dinner at the White House last night. We’ll see how many flip to Obama’s side.

What can you do ?......The vote is scheduled for 6pm Saturday

Call your congressman right now....Bart Stupak DC office (202) 225 4735 or email here

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