Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tom Stillings Press Release


March 26, 2010

For Immediate Release:

I am running to oppose the ideals and actions of Congressman Bart Stupak. I have a deep affection for the political process and feel that a peaceful democratic process is what makes America great. That is why I am saddened to learn of the threats against my opponent. Mr. Stupak merely voted the way he felt. Although most Americans and a great majority of my constituents disagree with Mr. Stupak, threatening his life and safety is not only inappropriate but flies in the face of the democratic process we hold dear.

I share the concern of my fellow citizens over the passage of this health care reform, however, I believe the way to fight it is by removing those from power who voted for it and replacing them with common sense people such as myself. Michigan and this economy can not bear the burden of this new law and as a representative in congress, it will be my mission to repeal this act.

My fellow Michiganders and Americans, let us not resort to barbarian tactics of threatening the safety of our elected officials, but let us threaten their jobs by signifying our disappointment by not voting them back into power.

Join me in keeping sacred our precious democracy by adhering to the principles of voting for the better candidate. Together, we can defeat the recklessness in Washington by changing it through our vote. To learn more, please go to my website, and check out my Facebook page.

Thank you,

Tom Stillings

Candidate for Congress

1st Congressional District, Michigan

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