Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Straitsland Resorter newspaper Article 4-28-2010 on the upcoming Indian River Tea Party

Tea Party rally in Indian River
on this Saturday, May 1

by L. Scott Swanson, Editor
Straitsland Resorter
Indian River Michigan

Under the banner "Tax & Spend Must End" there will be a Tea Party
rally this Saturday, May 1 in Indian River.
Tea Party rallies have drawn thousands of people throughout the
nation. According to a flyer promoting the Indian River Tea Party
rally the movement is founded on four basic principles:
Constitutional Law, Limited Government, Individual Freedoms and Free Markets.
The Indian River Tea Party rally will begin at 4 p.m. at the Bowen's
Corner parking lot at the corner of Straits Highway and East M-68. It
is being organized by Indian River people and the Petoskey Tea Party
Rich Carlson, Petoskey Tea Party President, said the Tea Party and
the Indian River rally are about "limited government, the role of
government, natural rights and Constitutional issues."
Carlson said the gathering is nonpartisan. While there is a school
election on Tuesday, May 4, Carlson said Saturday's event isn't about
any particular stance on that other than to encourage people to
become educated and involved in that election and any other election.
Saturday's rally will begin with a prayer, the Pledge of Allegiance
and singing of the National Anthem. Chad Stevens from the Northern
Michigan Liberty Alliance will speak about the Second Amendment.
Randy Bishop, candidate for the State Senate, will talk about the
Michigan Fair Tax. Congressional Candidate Tom Stillings will talk
about Constitutional issues related to the Second, Ninth and Tenth
Amendments. Greg Marshall of WMKT radio will serve as Master of
Ceremonies and will speak about free speech and the responsibilities
of voting and being an involved citizen.
Carlson said the Tea Party movement encourages people to become
informed and involved in the political process. He said it's a
movement that attracts some Democrats, some Republicans and this
"huge mass in the middle."
The Indian River rally is an area wide event and all interested
citizens are welcome to attend. There's no charge. People can just
show up. If they want to they can bring canned food, which will be
donated to an area food bank. They can also bring signs, family and
friends and a chair if they want to sit while listening to the speakers.

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